Faith Formation at WestSide

Faith is a family experience at WestSide, beginning with a worship service for all ages and including opportunities to explore and learn about faith with peers, other youth, and adults.


Worship is at the center of what we do as Christians, both as individuals and as a community. We also know that attending worship as a household is a main factor in shaping a life-long faith. So, if you do anything at WestSide, we hope it is to attend worship. Worship services at WestSide are geared for multi-generations and including kid talk time, tools to help children engage and be engaged, and a community that expects little voices to be a part of the mix. They are usually between 45 and 50 minutes long.



Discipleship - Or, you what you might know better as Christian Education. At WestSide, it is family and community based, which means, just like worship, it happens inter-generationally. Here's how:

Infant - Preschool

In addition to attending worship, infants through pre-schoolers and their families learn about the faith through occasional Sunday morning learning opportunities on things like prayer and Bible stories. They also learn through interacting with he whole WestSide community during fellowship and serving time, and learning how to share faith and home through things like prayer time, table grace, and Bible story time.

Elementary Students

In addition to attending worship, elementary students and their families grow in discipleship by participating at WestSide Wednesdays during the school year. A meal is served from 6-6:30 pm. From 6:30-7:25, inter-generational programming that includes parents and other adults in the congregation happens. This programming focuses on the Bible, prayer, service, and community time.

Middle School Students

Middle school students and their parents dig deeper into faith on WestSide Wednesdays by exploring some of the long-held beliefs of our Christian faith. Things like the Apostle's Cree, the Lord's Prayer, and the 10 Commandments. Sometimes, they will do stuff with the peer group and a leader or two. Other times, they will do service and community time with the rest of the WestSide Wednesday crew forming relationships with younger kids and adults.



Sunday Worship
9 and 10:30 am