Celebrate Easter at WestSide


Palm Sunday

Brunch served
Sunday, March 25
9 & 10:30 am


Maundy Thursday

Holy Communion
Thursday, March 29
6:30 pm


Good friday

The Passion of St. John
Friday, March 30
6:30 pm


easter sunday

Sunday, April 1
9 & 10:30 am


Easter Sunday


Upside Down: the Good News of Easter

Jesus has been crucified. His friends have laid him in a tomb, and one of them, Mary, goes to visit that tomb. Why? Probably to find some solace for her grief. This is what we do with the dead and with our grief: we bury bodies and scatter ashes and then we visit those spots, seeking solace in a place, or in our memories or in something. This is what normally happens when someone dies. But with Jesus . . . Well, Jesus has this way of turning everything upside down. The last shall be first and the first shall be last, Jesus says.  And the dead don’t stay dead, but are resurrected. From death, comes life! If anything is upside down, it is this! On Easter, come and celebrate the Good News of Jesus, who is not dead, but resurrected and who promises to do the same upside down work in your life.

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