Pastor Heidi

Pastor Heidi Binstock grew up in Beresford, SD. After a time away from the plains with some stints in northern MN, big city living, and a brief run in the suburbs, she returned to SD about 10 years ago. She is a life-long Lutheran, dreams of living on the beach, and is married to Greg, with whom she has two children, Peter and Clara. Greg is a farm boy now living in town, so they also have a house full of animals. Don’t ask what or how many. Pr. Heidi started as WestSide’s first called pastor in August 2014.

Contact Pastor Heidi heidi@westsidelutheran.com.


kevin stillson

Kevin is Director of Music and Communications. The music at WestSide connects tradition with a modern feel. Styles sung include gospel, folk, bluegrass, and traditional hymns all led by acoustic guitar. Kevin lives in Sioux Falls with his wife, Mara, and daughter, Maisy. 

Contact Kevin at kevin@westsidelutheran.com.